Over the years I’ve come to realize that I tend to think in vivid images rather than
words. Being somewhat of an introvert, I feel that my use of the camera is the most
realistic way of expressing myself.
Photography is the perfect combination of science and art, and I enjoy not only the art
itself, but also the technical process of creating it. The challenge of producing a print
that reflects my vision using the myriad tools available today is an ongoing learning
In recent years, I've experimented with a number of different themes, including nearfield
abstractions, landscapes and Group f64-style images of the natural world. I enjoy
finding patterns of light and exploring the graphic shapes found in everyday objects.
I work mainly in the digital realm, but I’ve recently begun supplementing my digital
work with black and white medium-format film for a more hands-on photographic
The production of large-format high quality digital prints is a particular interest of
mine, and all of my current work is large-format.
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